Cost of e-commerce photography in Bangalore

Q: How do you calculate the cost of e-commerce photography?

A: Cost of model (Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 50,000/- for 8 hours), Rent of studio, rental of equipment, Fees of makeup, hair. Fees of fashion stylist, Cost of Image editing, Fees of Photographer, Food bills for the crew members. Minimum to maximum cost for e-commerce catalog photography for Apparel ranges from Rs. 350/- to Rs. 2000/- (T-shirts to wedding outfits) and for products Rs. 100/- to Rs. 2000/- (Wallets to Jewelry)

Q: Quantity for e-commerce business.

A: We do not shoot below 100 products.

Q: Why catalog photography is so EXPENSIVE?

A: It is not expensive, as a startup you are looking at the fat figure of total shoot, it is perhaps cheaper than the passport size photography, however done with very expensive equipment, talented, specialized team, and edited and cleaned up to fit into your e-commerce portals template. For example 100 t-shirts with model, the photography costs around Rs. 35,000/- to Rs.40,000/-, The number of images you get is 500 images (1 t-shirt – 4 angles + 1 closeup). This means one image costs Rs.70 to Rs.80, which is less than a passport size image. In comparison a family picture in a passport studio costs Rs.200/- without a print.

Q: Why do you rudely refuse so many shoots, many of the reviews of G16studios have this complaint.

Usually many home based startups and first time e-commerce players have some strange ways of doing business, their learning comes directly from big player’s blogs like Amazon or Wall-mart. However a small business can not get the privileges like these giants. The attention they get from vendors is because of the huge volume of business that goes in millions. Some of our strange experiences with startups – if you are a startup the following will help you in doing serious business.

  1. Small jobs with too many instructions and expectations – e.g. a product shoot for pillows came with dozens of references and thread of internal email discussions, concepts and request for re shoots, Our cost of shooting pillow on white background is just Rs. 150/-. Direct reviews and suggestions came from client’s friends and family members, and so many of them, We did not care about negative review and refused to continue the shoot. Another experience of a low budget shoot for a tea set is reviewed by dozens of staff members, the accountant, the technical director, admin, HR head, all become creative directors in our studio. The client insisted on shooting with their senior manager, who was sending each image to the team in their office for approval before we take next shot. We certainly do not welcome this, unfortunately this results in insulting treatment by our team members to these experts and a bad online reviews for us.
  2. Without any communication a gentle man has dumped his old unwanted stuff for photography to put on Quiker, OLX and other used article sites, on refusing he has written a lengthy article for G16studios; obviously a bad one.
  3. We have done many international shoots in India and overseas, however catalog photography can not be compared with the promo/ads shoots, that too you can not walk in with the references of top international brands shot by world’s top photographers. For Rs.600/- per shot you can not expect Cindy Crawford, Julia Roberts model for you. It does not matter if your staff members are from design schools and speak in american accent.
  4. After taking a quote for a huge quantity many clients walk in with very few number of garments as smart trick, we pay premium to the modelling agency, makeup artists and retouching artists, the cheap negotiation tricks cause us huge losses bundled with bad reviews.
  5. We refuse to become part of your staff and get involved in your internal meetings, Involving us in conference calls of your Monday morning meetings and internal discussion is big no no. Also including us in your staff’s whatsapp group is also not welcome. Expecting our team members to report to your bosses is uncalled for. Surprisingly this happens with startups.
  6. You need a real diamond to look like a real diamond in the photographs too. A cotton dress of Rs. 500/- can never look like YSL dress of $2000. Insisting on it may only result in conflict and bad review. Startups walk in to our studio with international magazine ads as reference to shoot their Rs. 80/- knitwear from Tirpur and insist on the same results, bad review out of frustration is obvious.
  7. You can not compare talent and price, be it photography, digital art, design etc. Your neighbor with his wannabe model girl friend and a new hobby DSLR may shoot few images for you for Rs.1000/-, you can not give his price reference to us.
  8. Calling for meetings for the jobs which are not even worth discussion, a big trouble for all the service providers. Recently we were called upon for a meeting by a startup, four important officers of the startup were present in the meeting in a typical formal manner, the end result of the meeting was a product shoot for a modified automobile device with a photography cost of Rs. 1000/- that is almost equal to the cab fare we spent.
  9. For Rs.20,000/- assignment our team members can not attend a job interview in your office, surprisingly the startups do this to imitate big companies, under the title of outsourcing best practices.
  10. Sometimes this is fun and sometimes this turns into big arguments. Having said this we do have some of the most successful startups in our client lists and they are with us for a long long time.

Q: Do you shoot at clients location

A: Yes we do – provided the volume of business should be adequate. Typically we visit location for not less than 500 articles for catalog shoot.

Q: Do you shoot on mannequin?

A: No.

Q: Do you shoot with kids

A: No we do not shoot with kids, except ads.

Q: Can you shoot at different locations of our sellers?

A: Not at all

Q: Do you shoot product videos?

A: Yes we do video. From Mobile phone video to high end Cine camera shoot.

Q: Do you do the sample shoot?

A: Yes, it will be a charged shoot.

Q: Do you shoot with clients models?

A: Yes but we only shoot with professional models, and never with first timers due to nervousness of the new models, and the unexpected bad results.

Q: Will you do cataloging?

A: Yes, for large volume only.

Q: Do you shoot for Look Book? What is the cost?

A: Yes, the Look Book shoot ranges from Minimum of Rs.200,000/-

Q: Do you shoot in foreign locations?

A: Yes, we do shoot in foreign locations.

cost e-commerce photography bangalore

Cost of e-commerce photography

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Cost of e-commerce photography
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Cost of e-commerce photography
Know about the approximate costing of e-commerce catalog photography in Bangalore.